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In today's article, we would like to introduce our software integration partner Freshdesk.


A good help desk software must primarily offer an outstanding ticket management. But there also are other tasks - managing licenses, taking care of your Knowledge Base and regular patches and software upgrades - through which you quickly get into a spiral of endless time consuming hours of administration. If this sounds familiar, you are right here.

A good ticket management in your help desk makes the difference: You either build a powerful brand-community or you are just one of many for your customers.

The cloud-based help desk software is a great relief for companies that want to use their time for more productive activities, rather than the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of their local helpdesk solution.

Multichannel Support

Track and manage requests via email, phone, chat and social media, all in one place.

Self Service Portal

Help your customers to help themselves by setting up a knowledge base for FAQ and a community for the exchange between users.

Our Callexa Feedback Plugin for Freshdesk

To survey your Freshdesk contacts, perform the following steps:

  1. Use the API key you can find on the right side of the profile settings in your Freshdesk account.
  2. Place this key together with your Freshdesk-Subdomain in the respective fields of your Callexa Feedback accounts Integrations section.
  3. Define the earliest and latest time ( in days ) a survey should take place after a ticket has been closed.
  4. Define which ticket status should trigger a survey.
  5. Enable automation if desired and save the settings.
  6. Alternatively, you can always perform a manual import.

Click here for more information on the integration options and the customer support software Freshdesk,

Freshdesk Integration

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