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BetterVoice Integration

In our today's edition of Callexa Feedback Integration series we want to introduce the service Bettervoice closer.

What is BetterVoice?

BetterVoice is a hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. It replaces a traditional phone system by transmitting incoming and outgoing phone calls over a high-speed Internet connection. Call routing and other services are provided by a software-based virtual private branch exchange (PBX) that is hosted by BetterWorld, rather than on-site PBX hardware.


Dial Out from Any Number
You can make outbound calls from any of your numbers using our Mobile app or Web Dashboard.

Team Functionality
Calls can be automatically forwarded to team members when you can't answer your phone. Team members can share a voicemail inbox so calls can be responded to faster.

Full SIP Support
Want to use a soft or VoIP phone with Better Voice? Go ahead! You can easily configure SIP Extensions in your account.

Voicemail to Text
Voicemail transcripts save you time when relaying information to other team members and assistants. Transcripts can easily be imported into your CRM or emailed.

With Zapier, the integration of Callexa Feedback into Bettervoice can be done easily.


Use Case Example

With Zapier, the integration of Callexa Feedback Customer Satisfaction Analysis into Bettervoice can be done easily. The analysis could for example be initiated once Customer Support has closed the voicemail request by the caller. The data is transfered to the respective campaign in Callexa Feedback and the client receives the survey according to the campaign settings.


What is Zapier?

With Zapier you can create custom integrations, automate tasks between hundreds of web applications and connect apps to safely move data from A to B. Zapier makes software integration easy. For everyone. With Zapier you can connect your application or software with hundreds of different web services in just a few minutes.

With the integration via Zapier it's possible to transfer all your Bettervoice subscribers to Callexa Feedback and survey them automatically. Following the successful survey, customer satisfaction is determined and evaluated with the help of NPS. After the customer has given his feedback you can publish it quickly and easily on your website to convince new customers of your service.

You can find the Callexa Feedback NPS App for Zapier / BetterVoice here.

Please note: Not a BetterVoice customer yet? Then profit off the advantages in relation to Callexa Feedback and use the Coupon Code "ondemand" when placing your order to receive a discount of 10,- EUR for the first 2 months.


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