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Callexa Feedback - Spring cleaning and optimization of the features.

"The greatest desire of every company is to have satisfied customers." We are promoting Callexa Feedback with this sentence. For us, this is not just a sentence, but the goal. We have consistently collected your feedback, ideas and suggestions for improvement. Now it is time to present the new version of Callexa Feedback.

The new Callexa Feedback is slimmer, faster and clearer than its predecessor. The focus was set on a structural update that puts Callexa on a more robust footing. The main focus here is on the optimization of user management, data processing and data connection of external systems. The process has changed noticeably, especially in the area of survey-making and the replies.

Survey creation

The most important points are now visible at a glance and thanks to the horizontal arrangement of tabs, the creation of your campaign is made even faster and the later administration clearer. Be sure to save any changes made before you move from one tab to the next.

Callexa Feedback Befragung

Improved overview of the integrations

You can also access the "Integrations" tab directly from these tabs. The new overview of the available integrations allows fast selection and connection to the external systems. Please keep in mind that Callexa Feedback can also be connected to vendors who do not provide native integration with help of the Zapier interface. Please contact your service provider to find out if Zapier is available for the service of your choice.

Callexa Feedback Integrations

Optimized processing of the received answers

The answer function is the most important tool for your marketing as well as customer care after the actual NPS survey. With the newly designed list, you will immediately receive all important information about your customer. With just a few clicks, you can distinguish promoters from detractors, initiate resurveys, and engage directly through personalized emails.

Callexa Feedback Antworten

The extended view gives you an overview of the development of your customer. The survey history as well as the statistical evaluation process show whether the customer is still satisfied or if further measures are necessary.

Cllexa Feedback

We hope you will enjoy the new version. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.


Callexa Feedback - New features in May

Our developers have implemented another update. With this post we want to introduce some new functions:


  1. Start a resurvey manually

    Sometimes customers don't understand the scale of NPS and give you a wrong evaluation. To give your customer the opportunity to correct this we have integrated a function to resurvey the customer.

    resurvey manually

    - Go to "Replies".
    - Search for the answer of the customer and click on it.
    - On the right side you can see the process.
    - Click on "Resurveying" to resurvey this customer.

    Please note: The old value will be overridden with the new survey

  2. Add notes

    With this function you're able to add a note

    Callexa Feedback - Add notes

    - Go to "Replies".
    - Search for the answer of the customer and click on it.
    - Click on "Add Note". A textbox will appear where you can type in your notice.
    - Click on "Add" to save your note.

  3. Mailchimp

    Now you have the possibility to import complete segments instead of every customer individually. This gives you the advantage to create a list of customers (segments) via Mailchimp and import it into Callexa Feedback. It becomes unnecessary to delete unwanted customers manually after you have imported them into Callexa Feedback.

    Callexa Feedback - Mailchimp

    - Go to „Surveys“.
    - Add a new survey or choose an existing survey over the button „Edit“.
    - Click on "Recipients" within the survey.
    - Choose Mailchimp on the right side and choose the segment you want to import.
    - Click on "Save" to start the import.

  4. Graphical presentation of the evaluation history

    We have added a graphical presentation to show the history of evaluation from one customer.

    Graphical presentation of the evaluation history

    - Go to "Replies".
    - Search for the answer of the customer and click on it.
    - On the right side you can see the line chart of the customer's evaluations.

Callexa Feedback - New Features


In our today's article we'd like to introduce our new functions to you


  1. Individual follow-up questions depending on evaluation of the recipient.

    This function could be used to send follow-up questions after the main survey. You can setup individual questions for every single measurement. This will help you to find out why the recipient has opted for this review.

    Callexa Feedback - Folgefragen
    - Go to „Surveys“. - Add a new survey or choose an existing survey over the button „Edit“.
    - At low range of the page you can personalize your survey. Please click on the tab „Follow-up Page“.
    - Activate the option „Set questions individually for each scoring“. The site view should change now and the fields for the individual follow-up questions will become visible/editable. Please fill in your individual questions
    - click on „Save“ to save your settings.

  2. Adding external testimonials

    With this function you can simply add testimonials from your customers which you haven't received via our tool (direct correspondence via email).

    Callexa Feedback - Externe Rezensionen

    - Go to „Testimonials“
    - Scroll to the button of the page an click on the plus sign besides of „External Testimonials“.
    - Now you can fill in the name of the recipient and his testimonial you've received. Click on „Publish“ to save the testimonial.
    - After you've published the testimonial you can find a button to delete or edit the testimonial.
    - If you want to add an another testimonial please click on the plus sign again.

  3. Automated reminder for unanswered surveys

    Sometimes surveys will be forgotten or ignored by customers or the will be sort out by a spamfilter. To remind your customers automatically we've added a reminder to Callexa Feedback.

    Callexa Feedback - Automatische Erinnerungen

    - Go to „Surveys“.
    - Add a new survey or choose an existing survey over the button „Edit“.
    - At low range of the page you can personalize your survey.
    - Within the tab „Survey Email“ you can find the option „Automatically send reminder“. Activate the option if you want to remind your customers automatically. Now you can setup an amount of days after they will be reminded. If you want to use an individual introduction please type it in field „Alternate Introduction“. If this field has been left empty our system will use the unchanged survey template.
    Important: We advise using this function only for surveys with acknowledged recipients, e.g. in employee surveys. A too frequent sending of emails to customers in automated surveys could otherwise be considered as bothersome.
    - Click on save to save your settings.

  4. Add additional questions with several choices

    If you additionally want to know how your customers have found your company/product you can simply add an additional question with different choices to your survey.

    Callexa Feedback - Zusatzfragen

    - Go to „Surveys“.
    - Add a new survey or choose an existing survey over the button „Edit“.
    - At low range of the page you can personalize your survey. Please click on the tab „Follow-up Page“.
    - At the end of the tab you can the field „Additional questions with choices“. Please fill in your additional question and add some choices. You can add one choice per line. If you want to allow multiple choice please activate the option „Allow multiple choice“.
    - Click on "save" to save your settings.

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