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MailChimp Integration

We're pleased to announce that it's now possible to integrate your MailChimp lists with Callexa Feedback. Easily survey new and existing subscribers of your lists based on the Net Promoter Score*. To setup the integration follow these steps:


  1. Create your free Callexa Feedback Account here.
  2. Create your first survey and adjust it to your needs by changing texts, colors and uploading your company logo or mail banner.
  3. Click on the "Recipients" button and navigate to the "Integrations > Mailchimp" tab.
  4. Enter your MailChimp API Key (get it here).
  5. Specify a delay in days a member must have been subscribed before he gets surveyed.
  6. Check "Enable Automation" to automatically add matching recipients on a daily basis.
  7. Click on "Save settings" once.
  8. Now your Mailchimp lists should be available for selection. Select at least one and save again.


That's it. You can setup separate surveys for each of your MailChimp lists or use one for all.

In your Callexa Account settings adjust the settings for periodical reports and notices for new replies. Reports will help you to keep track of your subscribers satisfaction over time.

The free plan includes 50 surveys per month. If that limit is reached, surveying will be stopped for the rest of the month. No hidden or unintented costs. If you need more check our paid plans or contact our customer support.

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