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Generation of a PDF Report

Select survey and timespan

Click on "Statistics" in the top navigation bar. In the filter bar select one or multiple surveys or leave the field empty to get statistics from all your surveys.

In the select box right next to the filter bar, chose from predefined periods grouped by monthly, quarterly or yearly beginning with your account creation time.

Generate PDF

Now click the "PDF" button top right and a report for the selected period and surveys is generated. This can take a few seconds to complete.

The report includes the charts as displayed in your account dashboard, a tag scale plus the best and worst (max 50) commented ratings received in the selected period.

Get regular reports by email

In your account settings (click on your email address in the navigation bar and select "Settings") scroll down to the "Notifications" section and select a period for the "Summary report". Either monthly or quarterly.

It is possible to define one or multiple (separated by a semicolon) alternative email addresses to send the report to.

The PDF is automatically generated and attached to the report email.

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