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Using the Bigcommerce Integration

Install Callexa through the Bigcommerce app store

Already have a Callexa account? Continue with Step 2.

Log in to your Bigcommerce Account and navigate to the Apps > Marketplace entry in the sidebar. Search for "Callexa" and open the found entry or click here. Now click "Install" and your Callexa Feedback account will be created and the app added to your Bigcommerce store.

From now on you can access Callexa Feedback whenever you want by navigating to Apps > Callexa Feedback in your Bigcommerce Sidebar.

Note: Installing the app for Bigcommerce is non-binding and free of charge. Give it a try and if you are not happy just uninstall it (but please leave us a note on why).


Create your first survey

When you open the App for the first time account you are prompted to create your first survey. Just define an internal name, which will not be visible to your customers, set the language and submit.

On the next page customize your survey's layout, text blocks and follow-up questions. You can change all those settings at any time in the future. Read the "Creation and Customization of a Survey" guide for more information.


Activate Bigcommerce integration

Surveys can have different sources for recipients. You can manually add emails addresses, import CSV files, use Website Widgets and so on. You can also create several surveys for different purposes. That is why the Bigcommerce integration is not active by default. To activate it for the survey you just created, navigate to the "Integrations" tab, look for the Bigcommerce card and click "Activate".

If you have NOT installed the Callexa app through the Bigcommerce marketplace as outlined in step 1, you will have to set up API access manually. A dialog with the neccessary information will appear. Follow the instructions and click "Continue".

Further settings...

You are almost done. If activation was successful the integration card will appear in yellow and you can configure the send delay. Whenever you set an order to shipped the corresponding customer is added to the recipients queue shortly after. In most cases you want to ask for your customer's opinion about the order process AND the shipped items. So set a reasonable delay considering your average delivery time plus a few days.

Save the settings and click the "Play" button to start the automation.

What now? Am I done?

Actually yes. If the integration card is highlighted in green, from now on recipients will be added automatically and surveys are sent with the scheduled delay.

We recommend you to test drive your survey with an email address of your own. Check the "Manually adding Recipients" guide for instructions.

Otherwise, you are all done. Just follow your usual routine at Bigcommerce and wait for the first responses to come in.

How will it work?

From now on if an order in Bigcommerce is changed to state "Shipped", the customer's email address is added to the survey's recipients list a few minutes later with the scheduled sending delay as configured in Step 4. Sending will automatically occur as soon as the scheduled date is reached.

Note: Orders shipped prior to activating the automation will not be imported. Only orders changing their state while the automation is enabled are detected. To manually import your Bigcommerce customers, please use the "Customers > Export" function in your store dashboard and chose "Export to Microsoft Excel (CSV)". Then follow the guide "Manually adding Recipients" to the CSV file into your survey.

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